Welcome to the world of FINGERLINGS!

A world of love, laughter,
and imagination

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The Melting Pot

Melody village

Ah, Melody Village. A place so harmonious, they named the town after it! Here is our quaint mosaic that is the focal point of the Fingerlings world – the village where all our different animal friends come to work and play together. Filled with all the amenities of our human world, but with a Fingerlings twist. In Melody Village, everyone is welcome – you included!

Fingerlings Animated Series Hero
Fingerlings Animated Series Clubhouse

Monkey around with your friend in the Vines

Welcome to THE VINES! One of our many animal “suburbs”, designed and created specifically to fit all the needs of our Fingerling MONKEYS like BELLA and BORIS. The Vines are basically a treehouse/jungle gym community, connected by hanging rope bridges and spiral tube slides. Come on over and go bananas!

Resident cheerleader Bella

Bella is the resident cheerleader of the Fingerling Squad. She’s an energetic and bright-eyed gymnast monkey who loves to bounce and make new friends wherever she can. And usually armed with a healthy-sized to-do list on her phone. Always positive and willing to forgive and find solutions, Bella remains our pillar of reason and friendship.

Meet Bella

Dream big with Boris

Boris is our wannabe rockstar – a big goofy personality with a puppy dog sweetness who never stops moving. Or talking. Mostly talking. Boris has dreams of hitting the big time but loves to test where he can find shortcuts to get there. Which usually comically blow up in his face.

Meet Boris

Where the unicorns are
from Sparkle Heights

In the land of Fingerlings, Unicorns - Gigi especially - are sparkly, colorful and LOVE CANDY. And after visiting Sparkle Heights, you’ll know why. The entire world of Unicorns is made of edible elements – lollipop trees, molten cake mountains, gummy-droppy meringue bushes and cotton candy clouds. So bring an umbrella for jawbreaker hail, but stay for the yummy Santa Banana Winds!

Meet the Unicorns
Fingerlings Animated Series Sparkle Heights
  Fingerlings Animated Series Sloth Beach

Move at a different pace
by visiting Sloth Beach

Dude. Sloth Beach. The only thing that excites a Sloth more than hangin’ around… is hangin’ 10 on a surf board. Like a sleepy beachside town, SLOTH BEACH is a colorful, palm-tree laden and sun-baked paradise where the last thing you need to be is in a hurry. Home to chill sunsets, leaf chips with salsa and… lots of hammocks, bruh.

Meet the Sloths

The local hangout for all
friends the Banana Shack

Welcome to the Banana Shack! Run by the warm-hearted OLLIE THE MONKEY, the Banana Shack is the local hangout for all our friends and visiting tourists. Famous for their “BANANA CONE” (dipped banana in a waffle cone), the Shack is also known for their weekly OPEN MIC COMEDY NIGHTS where Fingerlings from all walks of life come to tell (usually super corny) jokes. Come on by and say wassup!

Fingerlings Animated Series Banana Shack
Fingerlings Animated Series Clubhouse

The main squad loves to hang
at the clubhouse treehouse

At the highest point of Melody Village, we find our main squad’s CLUBHOUSE – a massive TREEHOUSE perched among the branches of a centuries-old tree. Each friend has their own character-themed abode – from Gigi’s colorful cupcake cabin to Marge’s hanging hammock-hut. There is a telescope and main yurt-like hut where all the kids can hang and play. And stay tuned! You never know what new cabins will be added as they make new friends

Meet your friends for fun
at the Ferris Wheel

Say hey-ho to the DAISY-O! The large and colorful Ferris Wheel that sits in the main park of Melody Village and the playground there. Complete with pastry-shaped baskets and floral décor, the Daisy-O is the place to be on a lovely Melody Village afternoon. Or night. Or whenever! Swing on by and take a ride!

Fingerlings Animated Series Ferris Wheel